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The island can be reached by boat, and the first island is followed by an array of smaller islands. Across each island are rows of houses, with the majority of the buildings being used for lodging. Each house on the island has one bedroom that is typically occupied by the owner. The second island has large rice fields and some meadows for grazing. In the meadows and rice fields, the owners use "gender-appropriate" clothing. The inhabitants of this island are farmers, who support themselves by growing rice, millet, and barley. If any of the men leave the island for a brief time, they must have their wives accompany them. The women of the island have the luxury of their own gardens, meadows, and orchards. The women also have their own personal bath houses that are separate from the men. The third island is the city of Yoshiwara, which is populated by a more complex culture. When the men of the island visit Yoshiwara, they meet with the yamashiro masamune, who is a group of "gender-atypical" people who live in Yoshiwara. The yamashiro masamune wear silk clothing, and some men also dye their hair to a "gender-atypical" color. These women are experts at playing the shamisen and drinking. The main antagonist of the series is the yamashiro masamune. The yamashiro masamune are the lords of the city, and the host for the masamune gathering. The yamashiro masamune is the nemesis of the Yoshiwara boys and their families. The yamashiro masamune are masters of all of the games that the Yoshiwara boys can play. One of their favorite games is "frau der weisse", or white woman, where the yamashiro masamune go outside and collect the discarded clothing of girls who have spent the night outside. The yamashiro masamune then hang these clothes from a tree to dry. They do this in the middle of a rice field, and when the Yoshiwara boys come back to the island, they find the tree with their discarded clothes. They are then made to pay for the privilege of going outside to the rice field at night. In the house of the nemesis An account of a trip to the island of Yoshiwara where a Yoshiwara boy is taken to a




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Visual Novel Maker - OTOKO YUKAKU Collection Torrent Download [serial Number] cedoshan

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